Adapting and Expanding Your Business Online

Your business is only as good as your neighborhood until you decided to branch out. And with today’s internet of things (IoT), the idea of expanding your business physically has become a part of a group of options in which an entrepreneur could expand his market. These includes Facebook Ads, Google Adsense, YouTube and the most effective way of them all, using SEO.

Now, we all know that majority of people that we know have smartphones that can connect to the internet. And we also know that a lot of businesses today have shifted from the conventional ways of promoting their businesses using posters and flyers to now booming online advertising. With people relying so much on the ease of portability and mobility, life is now being served to us in the palm of our hands with just a click on our mobile phones.

In this era in which everybody is linked socially online, comes the age where businesses can prosper without being physically there. And I am talking about the power of Search Engine Optimization or also known as SEO. Of course there are a lot of ways an SEO can be done and I will share some optimization tips to help you start out your campaign.

Now what exactly is SEO?

Generally, Search Engine Optimization is the process of promoting a website or a webpage through the use of keywords. This is considered one of the most effective way of giving any webpage visibility to appear more on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

To a business, SEO can act as a catalyst for marketing strategy. It can help your establishment reach out farther than just the word of mouth and a network of people that comes around your neighborhood.

Local SEO

For small to medium enterprises, it is highly recommended that they should start with using local SEO strategies.

What is the difference of SEO to local SEO?

Local SEO is a subset of the wider effort and process to optimizing a specific webpage. It utilizes the advantage of using geographic modifiers such as specific targeted name of a city, town or state. It basically introduces your business online with the use of local SEO citations that includes your business’ name, address and phone number or NAP.

According to Moz, using citation is a key component to help your site rank higher and gain more visibility over search engines. Once your site is indexed and included in an online local directory listing, your chance of appearing in local searches will increase dramatically. According to statistics for the year 2016, with the rise of virtual personal assistants on mobile community such as Siri and Cortana, local businesses have gained more exposure and is now considered more effective than global SEO as the competition is far more practical and compressed. And since these virtual personal assistants use local geographic mapping to give a more personalized approach to its services, local SEO gets the spotlight and receives more demand with each people having different options and needs everyday.

Using Citations for Your Website

With all the talking about SEO and local SEO, the question remains, do you already have a website?
If you are a businessman and advertising is on your list or you are just considering it, I suggest you opt in to taking your establishment online and build yourself a website. Instead of settling for putting up signage all over your area or distributing flyers around town which still cost money, effort and manpower, why don’t you try the online community and reach more people with using the same resources you are going to put through in the first place on tarpaulins and posters?

Still feeling a bit skeptical? Well, you are free to check on the internet if this has not been the cause of all emerging companies to be known and double its profit in its first year or so. Of course, results can be different, depending on your merchandise and the SEO specialist on your pocket. But still, statistics over Moz show that businesses who are involved in local SEO citations have better performance in terms of profit than those who are not. I mean, this is the age of the internet, and everything is starting to shift in it even the very lives of the people around us and probably us too.

Citations is defined online as a reference to your business profile which mentioned earlier involves the name of your establishment, address and phone number (NAP). It uses linking from other websites, mentions and indexing from online yellow pages and directory portals. A website visibility is ranked by search engines according to its authority and credibility according to its visitors—visitors that could eventually be turned into customers.

Practically, a website can only rank positively using the right content and services. Without “quality” content, a website cannot establish proper ranking and will NOT give any visitors the reason to stay, in which by the way is one of the basis of search engines like Google when defining authority and rank. Quality content can go a long way and is one of the key to defining what your website is all about.

It is highly advised that in order to gain loyal visitors (customers), one should build definitive profile and outstanding credibility. With local SEO, it is important to present a comprehensive local SEO schema so that online visitors could easily identify your business and what exactly you are offering. From services to products, your schema must be true to its content and provides according to what it exactly indicates.

Imagine the potential your business could have had if it is served to a wider audience and potential buyers and customers. Imagine what you could achieve if more people could know your establishment, your whereabouts and your contact number? You do not have to rely anymore on a slow pacing old way of advertising. With cheaper cost compare to TV ads, this could be the one medium of expansion that suits your lifestyle, wallet and needs.

If this has gotten your interest, contact your nearest SEO specialist or local SEO Company to help you out in establishing your business online. Everybody is now connected and a lot of them are looking for the kind of establishment, services and products that you are offering. It is about time to upgrade and take your business to the next level.

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